Photoshoot cost

I do various types of shooting. The cost depends on the view, shooting time and difficulty of shooting. The final price will be formed after personal consultation.

  • Individual shooting from $550 per 1.5 -2 hour 15 edited photos extra time  $150 per hour
  • Family shooting from $700 per 1.5-2 hour 25 edited photos
  • Love Story from $600 per 1.5 -2 hour 20 edited photos
  • KIDS photoshoot $450 20 edited photos
  • Studio photography from $380 per hour + rental cost of a photo studio 8 edited photos
  • Photography events (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, concerts) from $250 per hour all good photos in colourcorrection

In addition, you can order the services of a stylist and hairdresser.


In addition to your unique photo session, I offer the option to order a variety of special products to help you preserve your favorite moments in a distinctive format:

  1. Photo Books: Order a custom-designed photo book that will tell your unique story on each page. Excellent print quality and creative design will make this book a cherished keepsake.
  1. Canvas Prints: Transform your favorite shots into true works of art with canvas prints. This elegant and durable solution will highlight the beauty of your photographs.
  1. Calendars: Create a unique calendar featuring your photos to be reminded of your special moments every month. It’s a practical and personalized gift with a unique touch.

Adding these elements to your photo session will enhance your visual memories and make them even more meaningful. If you have specific preferences regarding additional products, let me know, and we can find the optimal solution for you.


Welcome to the page dedicated to the unique experience of a photoshoot with me! Here you will discover the unforgettable impressions and results that await you after our collaboration.

  1. Personalized Approach: Each photoshoot begins with a deep understanding of your preferences, personality, and goals. I strive to create an individual approach for every client, ensuring that the results reflect your uniqueness.
  1. Professional Execution: My goal is not only to capture photos but to document moments in your life with outstanding professionalism. I use modern equipment, techniques, and creative methods to create unique images.
  1. Comfortable and Trusting Atmosphere: A photoshoot with me is more than just work; it’s a pleasant and comfortable experience. I create a friendly atmosphere that helps you feel at ease and express your true self.
  1. Individual Retouching and Processing: Your photos will undergo professional retouching and processing to enhance your natural beauty. I pay attention to details to ensure that each image becomes a true work of art.
  1. Unique Style and Creativity: My approach to photography is characterized by originality and creativity. I aim to highlight your individuality through a unique shooting style and composition.
  1. Unwavering Commitment to Your Expectations: Your satisfaction is my primary goal. I am ready to work closely with you to meet all your expectations and create photos that will bring joy for years to come.

A photoshoot with me is not just a series of shots but a unique journey into the world of your individuality and beauty. Trust in professionalism, creativity, and my care for you, and experience an unforgettable journey that will be preserved in your memories and photographs forever.

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